The Best Savings Plan Ever and How To Find One

In order to have a proper budget, one must initiate a saving plan into their lives. To utilize one of these saving plans correctly, it is crucial to find the right one to suit your needs. There are multiple sources of these saving plans and our goal today is to bring them all together. We’ll go over what to look for in a plan, the sources of a plan, and how to properly use one. Let’s begin.

What to Look For In a Savings Plan

Many people today are one or two paychecks from financial hardship. We are all pretty much in the same boat and unless we start saving our money this boat is going to eventually sink. Building up a Savings Plan is easy once you have the right plan for your needs. Initially, you should pay down all debts from loans and credit cards while still putting all extra money aside. Once you have a nest egg, you can decide where to put it so that it works for you. One of easiest ways achieve financial freedom at a much earlier stage in life than retirement age is to accumulate as much savings as possible in the earlier stages of life. What this means in reality is living frugally now in order to achieve freedom much quicker than the average lay person who doesn’t have a financial education. One way to make sure you are able to save money at a faster rate than you have previously is to cut your expenses. This is actually very easy to do with food and other essential groceries. But what takes more skill, discipline and determination is to save every extra penny that you have as part of a savings plan.
Start a Savings Plan! Once you begin frugal living, invest your saved cash and let it work for you!

To start exploring what we should look for in a plan, it would be wise to first go over the definition of a “savings plan”. A savings plan is an investment where a person will contribute a certain amount of money on a reoccurring basis to reach a financial goal. This can be done on either a long term or a short term basis; it’s really up to the individual. Usually, in order to open such a plan, it would have to be done with a set amount of money which could be as little as $100.00 depending upon where you find your investment.

There are two major things that you should be looking for. Is the plan flexible and is it simple? Flexibility and simplicity are the two main factors that differentiate between a bad plan and a fantastic one. If the plan is flexible, it will be easy to add your own categories and goals to it. A plan is simple if it can be understood with just a basic rundown of it.

Where to Find a Savings Plan

These savings plans are a great personal finance tool that will help you achieve your financial freedom goals much quicker. It is sometimes best to think of them as a self-imposed tax on your earnings that you will never see until you decide you have enough money in the bank to stop your frugal living lifestyle. Often the best way to attain your targets is to take a set amount each month from your pay check. For some people this will be 10% for others who are willing to make more extreme sacrifices this will be closer to 40%. No matter where you start, the important thing is to do just that, start saving money. No one wants to be living paycheck to paycheck. Ideally, there would be only a steady stream of money coming in but in life, that is not the case. First figure out how to manage your money, pay down debt and put money aside and during that time you will have to investigate your options on savings plans or retirement plans. Whatever you do, whichever way you decide is best to go, don't stop putting a percentage of your income into one of these things, make sure you pay into them every month.
Cutting expenses, looking for sales and living frugally will help you set aside cash to be used in your savings plan. The sooner you start, the more you will thank yourself later!

You can find a savings plan just about anywhere online, all you have to do is one simple search. You can even find a plan right here at BudgetHub. If you explore the site a bit or use the search functionality, you will most definitely come across many articles discussing how to budget your finances. No matter where you ind your plan, make sure that suits your needs and stick with it! You’ll be thanking yourself years down the line that you decided to use a proper savings plan.

A Savings Plan can help you prepare for retirement!

There are several types of plans. There are 52 week plans, which is personally our favorite. Using a simple calculator or formula, you can make a 52 week savings plan online with only a few clicks of your mouse and a few ticks of the keyboard. There are also thrifty ones. If you like being thrifty, there are plenty on the internet for you to utilize. Heck! There are even savings plans for children. Basically, no matter what you are looking for in your plan, you will most likely discover it.


Now this is where it gets tricky. Just kidding! There is nothing tricky about it if you found a one that was simple to use. Usually a plan comes along with a full set of instructions. Read through these to learn how to use one. The worst mistake that you can make is not using the plan for its intended purpose and messing up all your finances. Just like you should use the correct tool for the job, you should always use the right savings plan for the money. Speaking of money: you’ll be saving tons of it!


So in conclusion, you should be looking for a savings plan that is simple and flexible. It should be easy to use and easy to change up. You can find good solutions right here or by simply using Google (or your favorite search engine). Using a plan is also very easy, just follow the instructions. It’s as easy as pie, as easy as baking a cake and you’ll end up saving cash by doing it.

Online and Printable Budget Planner

Due to a phenomenon known as compound interest, once dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world” by Einstein, it is the effect of repeatedly receiving interest and reinvesting that interest over time to gradually increase the effective rate of return over time. Hence why, in our example, the 18-year-old saver will end up with more money at age 55 because he/she has allowed more time to accrue for compound interest to take effect. Sometimes the difference can be literally hundreds of thousands of dollars or pounds. This is a big reason why finance classes need to take priority in schools across the globe, so students can understand the importance of saving early. In conclusion, the earlier you sit down and figure out your personal financial management and how much you can afford to save each month, the quicker you attain your goal of complete financial freedom.
Find the best way to implement a budget into your life now and thank yourself later.

Chances are you came here looking for free printable budget planner. Whether it is an online or physical printable worksheet, we have you covered. All the worksheets we will be going over in this article are currently free. Now that’s a bargain!

A Proper Budget Can Save Your Life!

Types of Budget Worksheets

Over the past few years, the online budgeting market has been growing exponentially. With more people gaining access to the internet it only makes sense that online reading is the new “print”. It’s generally easier to use because all you have to do is select something to change it. No longer do you need to grab your eraser or a bottle of white out.

There are many different types of free online budget worksheets. These range from tons of different file types to being browser based. There are some sites where you can make an account and track your finances online. The most popular type currently is Excel based.

A great Excel budgeting worksheet has various qualities that makes it so ‘great’. The ability to edit it with ease is one of these properties. Another would be the fact that sharing is easy. Just drag and drop your Excel file into a sharing program and now your friends can have access to the same thing that you use to budget your finances.

If you worry about losing your saved file; Instead of using Excel, you can use a more cloud based solution. We strongly recommended that you take a look into Google Drive. There is a very slim (almost nonexistent) chance of you losing your saved file, as compared to Excel. There are only a few ways to lose your Google Drive spreadsheet document and none of the ways are very realistic.

In conclusion, it would be in your best interest to look into an Excel based free budget worksheet or a Google Drive spreadsheet worksheet. Both are equally as powerful at saving you time and hard earned money.

Let’s talk about PDFs. These types of files are generally meant to be printed out. There is nothing wrong with having a paper based budgeting system. When something is physical, it can make a lot more sense. Just as tons of people prefer reading paper books over eBooks, tons of people also prefer writing with pen and paper over typing with a keyboard and fingers. With a few simple Google searches you should be able to find a satisfactory printable household PDF. It may take a few tries to find the right one, but when you do, you’ll know it.

Budget everything from groceries to entertainment.

It does not matter where you track your budget, it just matters that you budget. Ideally, you should have everything you spend money on written down and covered somewhere in your budget. Using a budget should allow you to put away money for those times when you have an emergency i.e., car repairs, broken washing machine, new water heater or anything else that would normally set you back. Budgeting for these instances can save you lots of headaches and financial hard times.

How to Use a Budget Worksheet

The most important thing is that your budget is realistic. It should not be a figure that is such a struggle to achieve that you almost stop living a normal life to get there. It should also be flexible enough to cover one-time expenses that pop up out of the blue. There is no point having a budgeting goal that you keep missing because you have to pay for your car to be fixed one month, have to pay for a plumbing emergency the next month and so on. It has to be an amount of money that you can happily say goodbye to every month without thinking about whether you can afford to live after it’s gone. What is just as important is how much you save early on, due to the principle known as the “time value of money”. Someone who starts saving at the tender age of 18 and stops at 30 will have a saving pot that dwarfs someone that starts saving at 30 and doesn’t stop until 55.
Budget, budget, budget!!! Keeping track to the last penny can save you a fortune!

To properly use a budget worksheet to its fullest extent you must pick the one that is best for you. Sit down for a few minutes and think about your needs. How many sources of income do you have in your household? What are you budgeting for? What is the end goal? You must take all of these into account when you are deciding what type of free budget worksheet is best for you. When you have a full list of your needs, follow the steps above to finding the right medium to fit what you need.

The next step is to download, save, or print. This step is fairly obvious. How else are you supposed to modify it for your budget? Depending on what type you selected this step will change. If it is an online file you will need to download or save it. If it is a PDF or a worksheet image that is meant to be printed out, the obvious step to take is to print it out. You can either print it yourself or go to a printing shop to have them do it for you.

Look over the worksheet. You need to fully understand it before you even place your pencil or pen down on the paper (or type). Check out all the categories on the worksheet and how much room you have to spread your finances out over. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up erasing and redoing a lot. So once you have looked over the worksheet, you may begin using it. Voila!

Don’t be afraid to change around your system. It is always optimal to optimize and save more time and money. Use the budgeting worksheet for several days, weeks or months. At this time it would be smart of you to reassess. Does the worksheet fit your needs and your finances? Do you need more? Do you need less? All of these would be valid reasons to change your worksheet. There is absolutely no shame into going from digital to paper or vice-versa. You should enjoy doing your worksheet; it should not be a chore.

So change it or keep it! When you’ve done all of this, you are most likely going to improve the quality of your life. Whether you are low income or high income, a proper budget can benefit you and your family in many ways. It could be the difference between bologna and caviar.

Also, look at this to learn more about budget planning.

Free Monthly Budget Template

For individuals with families this means setting up a household budget. This is basically a set amount that you or your family is willing to spend on essential and then latterly non-essential items. It is not too different from setting up finance budgets for a company. The difference being that instead of sales counting as your revenue, your wage takes its place. Although these may sound complicated to create; family budgets are easy to do. In fact, a simple search on Google will wield a lot of results that provide you with a template to fill in. All you have to do is populate the fields with the numbers that leave you with a surplus that you are happy to save each month. Before you set up your household budget it is worthwhile to sit down with other spenders of the budget in your family. This will usually be your spouse but increasingly adult children are forming part of this discussion as they save up for a place of their own.
There are many free budget templates that can be found online.

Generally, a budget is divided into months. A month is a perfect amount of time to create a budget for because, 30 days is a length of time that is easy to plan over. January to February, March to April, building a monthly budget is simple. However, there is a much better way to create a budget than just writing down a few notes. We recommend a monthly budget template to all of our visitors. Once you learn the works, a budget template can easily become habitual and part of your daily life.


There are plenty of free options when it comes to budget templates. Of course, you can always use Dave Ramsey’s budget worksheet, but that is not always the best one to choose. Depending on what kind of devices and access you have, one template will be superior to the other. It all comes down to your preferences, but we can help find what is best for you. A monthly budget template can be highly beneficial when used correctly.

Google Docs based monthly budget template is what I personally use most often. I have several reasons for using Google Docs, let me explain. First and most importantly, Google Docs is cloud based. This is significant to me because I have the ability to access it whenever and wherever I am in the world. I can type in a receipt in America, fly to Europe, and still continue working with the same monthly template as before.

To find a monthly budget template for Google Docs, you can just explore Google. That’s right, Google is best for finding its own products. Just run a quick search and you’ll come up will thousands of pages of results. Look through a few of them, sorting out the ones that would best fit your lifestyle. From there you can further narrow down your list of Google Docs to find the best monthly free budget template for you.

Living cheaply is not something many people aspire to when they are young. However, with age comes wisdom, and many people change their spending habits in order to either reflect their current personal financial situation or to try and achieve a goal such as financial freedom much earlier in life. Discuss your savings goals together, look at what has potential to throw an unexpected bill at you (things like your vehicle, your boiler and child expenses need to be considered here) and then set aside an amount you are all focused on achieving as a monthly savings amount. This way when either you or your spouse (or potentially your child) is out spending money from your shared budget, you are all on the same page with what you are trying to achieve. It will prevent any of you making emotional purchasing decision and will help to stay disciplined with your personal financial management.
Keep any daily receipts and record them in your budget when you get home!

Speaking of free, you can find free downloads for monthly budget templates online. It couldn’t be easier. As said before, just search for one and you will find it. Later, we will be posting an article showing some of our templates, exclusive to BudgetHub. These also act as a month-to-month planner, a great way to manage your finances is by using a planner.

Another great option is to do-it-yourself. Go DIY, and you’ll never look back. When I started making my own budget templates, I thought it was too much work. After adapting to it a bit, I found it super beneficial to do it myself. A full range of customization is one of the main reasons why I prefer to make my own. If one month I need to create a different category and adjust all the other categories, I can easily do that with a few presses of a few keys. Both Excel and Google Docs make for great places to make your budget template.

These templates that I make myself are generally in an Excel file or on Google Docs as stated before. I personally find Excel to be much more powerful and in-depth. For most people though, Google Docs will do the trick. It’s free, powerful, and cloud based. Meaning you’ll be able to have the same spreadsheet on all your devices at the same time. Pretty awesome, huh?

As a recap, your monthly budget should be one of your top priorities. With a strong system in place, it can potentially eliminate stress from your days. You should never have to remember numbers, just record them on something like a monthly budget template. If it’s on Excel, Google Docs, or Mac, it really does not matter. All you need to do is create one now, and you’ll be happy. Adjust as you go along and in no time, you’ll have a fully functional cash management system.

You find more info here.

Save Money by Living on a Budget

We will start with the basics of how to live on a budget and it will mostly focus on frugal living in the USA and UK, with tips, tricks and strategies on how to start saving money. However, almost all of the strategies discussed here can be applied in other countries similar to the USA and UK as well. This article will cover the topics of budgeting, savings on food and housing, traveling on a tight budget, and some other tricks for happy frugal living.

When it comes to personal finances, learning how to start saving money is the most impactful thing you can do to change them in the short term. Our finances depend on three major categories – income, savings, and expenses. A monthly budget calculator is a free online tool you can use to track the change in each of these categories over time; hopefully the money management tools that we share will make a difference in your bottom line. Out of these three, savings get accumulated over time and if you don’t already have any, in the short term there is not much you can do about it. Income is a category that you can’t change in the short term either; you can change in the long term, and perhaps even in the medium term, if you look into ways to make some extra money on the side. Still, even finding temporary work is not easy. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that so many people are realizing the need to learn how to start saving money. The monthly budget calculator can really help you to plan future changes in these categories easily and for free, especially when it comes to expenses and savings.

For instance, when your partner is out grocery shopping and he sees a brand he likes is on offer, but the supermarket’s own brand is much cheaper and that’s what you’ve both agreed to buy. He is more more likely to make the right choice because it contributes towards your saving goal of having enough money in the bank to send the kids to college or to pay for much needed car repairs.

It is up to you how often you budget for. Most people tend to stick with monthly budgets, since they get paid monthly. However, it makes sense to change this to weekly or bi-weekly if that’s how you get paid so you know where every penny is ending up.

Finally, if you haven’t already sit down with your spouse (and if necessary your children) and thrashed out a budget that includes everything from groceries to fuel and energy to snacks. Have a figure sorted out for each expense by the end of discussions with a very small amount budgeted in for wiggle room.

Collate them all together and there you have it, a budget that will help you save money on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or annual basis. The key to success is sticking to it, no matter what, and that takes discipline that not everybody has.

Cutting down on expenses is the quickest way to change the state of your finances and also introduce a positive change in your life.  You will find more helpful information right here.

Living On a Budget

Living on a budget applies not just to your house and grocery bill. Cheap living is not as hard as people would have you believe, often a few simple choices will help you immensely in staying within your budget. One of these choices is being smarter with your money spending decisions. Often when we take out a contract with either a mobile (cell) phone provider, a broadband internet contract, digital TV provider, or any other service that takes a monthly payment, we forget to switch when the contract expires and often end up paying well over the value of that service. This is especially the case when we are paying for an item that last for a specified period of time. For example, broadband internet companies will often give you their fastest speeds at a really cheap price for the first 12 months you are a customer with them.
Living on a budget is only hard if your planned budget is unrealistic for your situation.

The principle of a budget constraint is one of the first things taught in a beginner’s microeconomics course. This principle stipulates that every consumer is faced with a budget constraint which shows the various combinations of different goods and services that can be purchased with the consumer’s available funds over a period of time. Thus, the rich as well as the poor are all living on a budget but, for some the pot is bigger while for others it’s smaller.

Still, when people say living on a budget, it is usually understood that this implies limited or tight budget. Understanding the trade-offs in a budget constraint is not useful only for beginner economists but, also for everyone else – you can probably see that the aptness in how we handle our budgets is one of the main factors that determines in which category we find ourselves in. This is why it is worth learning how to set up a monthly budget and how to handle savings, expenses, taxes and loans. This is a basic education in personal finances that can be beneficial to anyone who puts time into learning it! So let’s begin with the basics of personal finances and living on a budget.

The basics of learning how to manage your personal finances well, all revolve around creating and following a solid monthly budget. A budget is simply an estimate of how much money you have coming in and to which uses you want to allocate this money. In most cases, you will find that living on a budget is very hard only if you have created an unrealistic budget in the first place. The first step in improving your finances is to simply track your expenses in detail over a couple of months. At the end of each month, use a monthly budgeting tool (many of them are available online for free) to create a monthly budget after the fact. This is done simply for you to become aware of exactly where your money is going, and whether there are any inefficiencies or money leaks that you could eliminate.

Companies who operate on business models like these actually make a loss on you as a customer in that first year. However, they hope to gain back that loss and then a lot more when they auto-renew your contract after 12 months at a much higher price, and often the consumer only notices when it’s too late, and they are stuck paying a high price for another year. They are always hoping you forget to either cancel or look around for a new deal, so if you’ve been with the same provider for a while now, I can guarantee you are paying too much. This isn’t just true of broadband deal this is also the case with insurance companies offering car and home protection. They always set their policies to auto-renew at a price that is above the market rate.
Budgeting in your monthly cellphone or internet contracts in order to get the best deals means you need to keep up with when they run out!

The next step is to start preparing a monthly budget in advance for each month. This will make your spending deliberate rather than impulsive. From the previous step, you will already know what amount to budget for the most fundamental necessities like food, housing and utilities. If you are struggling to afford these things, then you can analyze your monthly budget to determine where it is best to make cutbacks and how big those cutbacks should be. In any case, it is important to remember that from this point on, you are living on a budget that is pre-determined with strategic intent and therefore it is absolutely crucial to stick to it consistently, or you will lose most of the benefits from making a budget in the first place. The most important benefits from having a budget are that you can be realistic with your shopping expectations, you can avoid frivolous spending, and you can begin an emergency fund and put away some savings. You are much more likely to do all of these things while you are living on a specific budget than, if you just have the intent to save in the back of your mind, where you don’t actually make a real commitment to it.

While living on a budget as a single person, a great way to save some money is to dramatically reduce your housing expenses by finding a roommate to share your space with. This instantly reduces your expenses and allows you to put the money to better use. Despite what you might think or any reservations you might have, finding a roommate is always a possibility for many different housing situations – nowadays a lot of people are looking for affordable housing while living on a budget.

Another thing you should look into is your expenditure of food. Here, your budget only tells half of the story – how much you spend on food and what kind of products you tend to buy. This half definitely has a lot of influence on your expenses – if you buy more finished products (like microwave food, or frozen dinner) you will spend more; if you buy more raw ingredients you will usually spend less. If you grow, fish and forage a lot of your food, you will spend even less! The other half of the story is how much of the food that you buy you actually end up eating and how much ends up discarded in the trash. Many people are wasting up to one fifth or more of the food they buy on a monthly basis. It’s usually spoiled cooked food or vegetables and fruits that went bad before they were used. This is precisely the kind of inefficiency that you should eliminate completely when you are living on a budget.

Here you find the ultimate guide on how to live on a budget

How Americans spend their money and how to be wiser

How do the average Americas spend their cash? A more important question: in what ways has this spending change over time?

We can use this data to see how spending patterns changed over time in America. Here is a quick comparison of spending of 1949 vs. 2011.

When comparing 1949 to 2011 it is clear that Americans are paying much more for housing, transportation, recreation, medical care and "other". We have less money for food and clothing than ever before. What can we glean from this? We must look into saving money on housing and transporation costs if we want to be able to save money for the long haul. The benefits of cheaper housing far outweigh the convenience of city living. As an example, my family and I moved to a smaller town. While our apartment is a little smaller than our previous apartment, I spend less time driving to places where I need to go. I am close enough to everything I need that I can walk to my doctors appointments, walk to the local bakery or to the local shops here in town. I am three minutes by car from my son's school and from a large grocery store for times when I need to transport many bags of groceries. We bought electric bikes and can ride all over for appointments or for recreation without having to worry about paying for parking or gas. We purchased our apartment so that we would save money. We used to pay $1,000.00 in rent before sidecosts and utilities and now we pay $455.00 in rent before sidecosts and utilities. The money we pay on our mortgage is not money thrown away because owning in and of itself is considered an investment. If we were to sell our apartment today, it would be worth $30,000.00 more than what we paid for it.
Where did our money go? 1949 vs. 2011 Tables

A thing that really jumps right out here is the relative spending decline on clothes and food. This is mainly the product of giant increases in productivity of manufacturing and agriculture that has made clothes and food much cheaper. This allowed a huge saving on groceries, something that impacts us even today.

There is a jump in spending on homes between 1949 and 2011. We think that it’s definitely worth mentioning that people are renting and buying housing that is much larger. In 2011, the average house was over 2,000 square feet. This was very different in 1950, when the average house was 1,000 square feet or less.

There was also a decent rise in spending on transportation. (Manage your money to be able to afford a car!) This was created by the widespread of cars. In the year 1950, there were only 3 vehicles per every 10 Americans. By the year 2000, that number has risen to 8 vehicles per every 10 Americans.

By analyzing how much the average American spends, you can figure out what to spend money on to be fit it. If you think your groceries take up too much of your monthly expenses, just look at the chart above and see what’s considered normal. Of course each person will be different and the chart just draws from average data. So if you enjoy having an above average grocery bill, go right ahead, buy supermarket sushi every day.

Spending money has never been easier. Most Americans have much too much debt and most are robbing Peter to pay Paul. This revolving credit trend is becoming the norm in every household. Somewhere down the line it will be stopped, either because you make a conscious decision to become more financially responsible or someone cuts up all of your credit cards and while kicking you out of your home. It is important that we all become more frugal. Living on a budget, paying off all debts, saving money and really taking care of, using and appreciating the things we do buy.
Frugal living is easy on the Debit/Credit Card

So next time you ask yourself “What should I spend my money on?” refer back to this chart. Whether it’s food, housing, apparel, transportation, recreation, medical care, and everything else; the data should help you.

Don’t feel guilty about your monthly cell phone bill, tropical vacations, a brand new computer, or an upgraded house. Life is really meant to be enjoyed. Of course you might be able to get the most out of life by living frugally, but you should have those big trips. Learn how rich people spend their money, and mimic that fun, with a budget of course.

List of things to spend money on

A gym membership

Stay fit, be healthy. It’ll only make every aspect of your life even more enjoyable. I bought a decent gym membership and I go every day, it’s something to do. At $50 a month, I am only spending $0.50 per hour of healthy enjoyment.

Your own furniture

Nothing is worse than renting furniture. You look at it and just think about how much money you spend on it each month. Get some quality furniture (or build your own, the frugal way!) and add them to any room to make your house more unique. Add that personalized touch to your home, you won’t regret it.


Education is an awesome investment and if you do it right, you’ll have a great paying job in the end. That’s right; you have to spend money to make money. Go get yourself an education, earn a certificate, and make use of it. Just like you should get a gym membership to work out your body, you should invest in your education to flex your mind.

Your mattress

You spend a surprising amount of time on a mattress during your life. Why not get a good one? It could save you future medical expenses. If you wake up sore every day, chances are you need a new mattress. Keep your body in good health, one of your main focuses in life should be yourself.

Do what you want!

There are plenty of fun things to do without money, not everything needs to come out of your wallet. Try spending the weekend without swiping your plastic card. You can go for a run in the park, take your.

Here Is Our Top Pick For Frugal Living

Home Budget Template for your Household

Becoming your own financial expert has never been easier. There are so many free resources online to be looked at and shaped into your individual budget and savings plan. There are no secrets and no shortcuts, needless to say, while it requires some time and effort it is vital for you to sit down and confront your financial situation. Tools will make it very easy for you and heere on budgethub you will find many tips, tricks and suggestions along with the right tools and information. Budget planning was never easier.
Become your own financial expert

Did you know: It is very common for a person to be wasting hundreds of dollars per year? This waste of money can prevent many from getting out of debt and ultimately it can keep people from saving for their future properly. If you are one of those people who require assistance or just need a few tips and tricks on how to save money, you’ve wandered across the right page. Manage your financials correctly with the hints that are listed below.

You can create a budget for yourself or even for a business using common techniques!

You are wasting cash and time if you’re not using a Home Budget Worksheet. In a perfect world, every school should teach students to manage a budget and use a worksheet for the money in their household. However, this is not part of most education systems so it is our goal to teach you right now, right here. It doesn’t take long to learn if you are already using other techniques to keep your finances in check. So it would be more than wise to let us be your little budget helper! The first step is to find a home budget worksheet that will fit your needs.

When searching for a budget worksheet for your home, you should be searching for something that covers most, if not every, aspect of your finances. This means that you should look for worksheets that have everything from budgeted money allowed to be spent on entertainment to how much of your income you need to set aside for emergencies. A budget calculator planner may come in handy when you are searching for a worksheet that will be the most beneficial to you and your family. There are many calculators available online but here is the very best home budget solution.

Examples of Home Budget Worksheets

To find a worksheet that would most improve your life start with a simple search. Find examples on the internet to really get a good look at what you will need. Pull out a pen and a piece of paper! Make notes on what aspects of these worksheets that best fit your requirements. When doing this, figure out what’s unique about each individual software or template. These small little details may just save the day when it is time to find a home budget worksheet for you and your family.

Home budget templates are easy to use and very rewarding in the end. There are many worksheets avaiable and we strongly recommend using them as part of your individual financial assessment. Make use of all the available tools and put them to your advantage while using our free budget template worksheet. A good budget only works if your budget is realistic. Think optimistic but stay realistic is out motto. Once you have your budget and numbers in place, you will find that is it not only rewarding but very satisfiying and promising when looking into your own future. Money does not make you happy, but planning wisely will save you many headaches and sleepless nights.
There are many rewards for you

Any great worksheet will include three categories that make it functional. These three most basic categories will be income, fixed expenses, and variable expenses. Each one of these categories is named appropriately for what they do in connection to the worksheet as a whole. The income section is probably the most important part of a template. This is what every single other category is based off of and how the allocations are calculated. For your income there is a spot for your income as well as all the other sources of income within the household, community or group. The two types of expenses are also very key components.

Variable and fixed expenses are the two types of expenses you should look for when finding a home budget worksheet that is right for you. Variable expenses are expenses that change day to day and differ on a monthly basis. Usually you’ll have a bunch of sub-categories under variable expenses and the worksheet will make assumptions on how you should spend your money in each sub-category. These sub-categories most often include groceries, gas, medical, clothing, entertainment, and emergency. In most cases you should be able to add additional spending categories, as well as modify the default ones.

Fixed expenses are completely different than variable. Expenses which are fixed usually include mortgage payments, maintenance, internet, savings, insurance, debt, et cetera (you get the gist of it). Payments to these expenses are usually paid monthly or on another regularly scheduled payment plan. The home budget worksheet that you use will have an option to pick the duration and the frequency of these expenses.


Stop wasting your valuable money and find a budgeting template for your house that fits your household needs. Life is short; it is okay to spend some money. But to get the most bang for your buck, it is clever to implement the upkeep of one of these types of budgeting worksheets into your daily life. As we say at BudgetPronto “save time and money”, download a sheet today.

Does Using a Household Budget Template Make a Difference?

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have all of your bills covered, with extra money we would like to call buffer, set aside in case of a big emergency. You cannot predict your future and I believe all of us know, at some point the other shoe will drop, the engine from your car will fail to start, your washing machine breaks or you simply need to pourchase a new toaster. It is always good to have some money put aside because there is always something that can go down south. Home budget templates are valuable and they will keep you from over-spending and you will have a one-look accountability for all the money that comes into your household.
Household Budget Template Makes Your Wallet Happy

If the financial aspect is particularly challenging to you or if you simply wish to save more, you could successfully use a household budget template. It keeps track of what comes in and especially of what goes out. To keep track of your family’s budget, you need a special-made document to access whenever needed.

To some, this feel like much of a constraint, to others, it’s a form of pure wisdom in manifestation. In the end, do household budget templates really help you out?

Here’s Why You Need a Household Budget Template

Your memory can’t hold it all

That is true, your memory can’t hold it all and it won’t. If you make a budget sketch month by month, you can be sure you’re forgetting things. The memory isn’t always flawless. You may be throwing away money and never actually realize it. Or, certain expenses may be bigger than you think. This is why getting the numbers on paper, be it virtual or not, is extremely important. It makes us all face the truth and also helps us see how blind we can be at times when it comes to personal finances.

Confronting your spending habits

When you have a list of all your expenses during, let’s say, the previous month, you will confront every expense and will also have to face the real reasons for each of these. You may not be 100% aware when you spend money on something – it could be a simple pleasure of the moment, an impulse, an illusion of need. Later, you may realize that expense was in vain and you could have done without it. Many individuals feel guilty once they see such useless entries on their lists. This helps them be more aware in future and more careful with the money they spend.

Making comparisons

This one has to be the most obvious benefit. You can simply make comparisons between the family’s income and the expenses, all without omissions. It’s the easiest way to figure out whether you can save some money or make some lifestyle changes to strike a balance between the two aspects. Comparisons could also help correct certain behaviors in the family. For example, if one is spending money that isn’t theirs, it make make them aware and eventually stop. Also, when money is easily available, one can always spend much more than they’re actually earning. The same goes with spending from a savings account. It gives the illusion of having superior financial possibilities when in fact it isn’t so. Behaviors like these can ruin a family’s finances in the end and having a household budget template can make a huge difference in that area.

Here is an outstanding home budget solution

The benefit of financial snapshots

Calculator are friendly and you really want to establish a depp relationship with numbers. Make sure to take the time needed to thouroughly analyze your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly finances. In the core, it is advised to keep track of every penny spend. This means saving all reciepts to ensure that they are all included in your budget template calculations. We highly suggest leavning no stone unturned as you really want to establish a very good understand all around. We love this part for many reason because our entire website is designed to help you along the way. Read through our articles and take all of the information to put them to good use.
Don’t be affraid of numbers

With a detailed spreadsheet of your budget and expenses, you can have a financial snapshots of different periods of time. Are you afraid that you might have spent too much at Christmas? You can go back and have a look at that period – be it one or two weeks or the whole month. Thus, you can see where the money went and whether it was clever or not to spend as much as you did. You can see your income and expenditure for a month’s time, for a trimester or for whichever time span you select.

Make wiser decisions

Even without a spreadsheet, some of us are able to figure out that we should cut our expenses. However, when you have all the data in front of you, you can make a better decision. You will see exactly which items on the list are better to cut off. When you’re simply trying to do this mentally, you may not have the whole picture to analyze.

How to choose a budget template?

It doesn’t matter what income level you have. You will find many household budget template spreadsheets available on the web and they will be of great help. The natural question is born: which one should you use? The best method is to choose it based on your current financial situation. You may also download one according to the software you feel most comfortable with: Excel, Word, OpenOffice or Google Docs. It can be one ion the form of a table or you can use a template with colorful diagrams. The simple models cater to the main areas your money goes to. More elaborate templates will let you enter every single item you buy, making all calculations automatically. You may also opt for a zero-based budget template. There will also be adequate versions for starters as well as for the more advanced. Some feel intimidated by all the features, while others get a kick out of it and enjoy planning in detail.

In conclusion, it definitely helps to use a family or household budget template. After all, this is how some get to become millionaires and also get to keep their millions. You will have a taste of financial freedom instead of restrictions. It could even be your key to wealth.

Using a Family Budget Template Saves Time and Money

Family budget templates are vital to any budget planning process. You want to know all of the numbers before even attempting to give out an allowance, plan your family trips or spend money on any upcoming birthday gifts. It goes without saying, that every family member has to be looked at individually and they all need the same knowledge and it is always a good idea to have them all be part of the family budget meeting. Many people try to shelter their kids from the knowledge of a financial hardship and this potentially creates a feeling of entitlement which often is hard to overcome. If everyone in the same family is on the same page, then it becomes much easier to develop a good financial basis, stick to a budget without creating a state of feeling less worthy.
Including the family in the family budget

Managing a household is no easy task. Parents have to manage chores, raise the kids, keep things running and make sure to do it efficiently and cost-effectively. Budgeting tools can be really useful in helping parents manage household income and expenses better and easier. A family budget template is a simple but very effective tool to help parents do just that. There is a variety of templates available today – some come free of charge and some for a small fee. There are Excel spreadsheet versions, Google Docs versions, printable ones, online ones as well as computer and mobile applications. Furthermore, there are different types according to user preferences, primarily family budget planners and personal budget planners. Thus, a family budget template will be easy to find, but there are some things to keep in mind when you are choosing the right one. This article will help you distinguish exactly what you need from the wide variety of choice available on the Internet right now.

Setting Up a Family Budget Template

When it comes to budgeting, the more specific the budget is, the better the results will be. All of the family income should be assigned a purpose in the budget, be it to cover some expense, to be saved, or to be invested. In addition, if the expense categories are broken down in detail, you will have a better chance to spend money exactly as desired – based on plans rather than impulses. With a more detailed budget, you also have a better overview of exactly which type of expenses were bigger or smaller than the budgeted amounts. Thus, when you are looking for the perfect family budget template, make sure that it includes all the expense categories that are relevant to you in greater detail. For example, taking care of small children, teenagers or elderly family members all have their specific type of expenses that will reoccur on a regular basis. You have a much better chance of allocating money well and sticking to the budget if the family budget template has big family expenses like child care broken down into more detail.

The next thing to consider when looking for budgeting templates is the period of time the template is intended for. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly budget templates are all available, and it is up to you to decide which type of budget suits your needs best. You don’t have to choose only one – since they are very different, yearly budgets can be used in combination with weekly or monthly ones. Monthly budgets are most commonly used, probably because the budgeting doesn’t need to be done too often – only once a month – and many expenses like bills, rent and mortgage come on a monthly basis. On the other hand, weekly budgets can be very useful for special occasions, such as when you are traveling or doing something out of your regular routine. Yearly budget templates pay special attention to income and expenses that occur once a year, such as taxes, tax returns, insurance, and similar. You can use the information from the yearly budget and incorporate the costs and income in your monthly budgets as well. Thus, there are several types of a family budget template that can be used for different purposes.

The right family budget template will make your life much easier. We are generally speaking never told how to manage our funds and spending. This is often something we have to learn the hard way and by ourselves. The fact that you are already looking into a family budget template is a good start and you will learn a lot from our website. I know several people who have to purchase their morning coffee outdoors and even though for them it is pennies, if you do this every single morning you will find that you waste a lot of money on something you could have done yourself for much cheaper at home. Now if you have a family, you are looking into many individual habits that could add up significally over the course of a month or even year. Being frugal has not much to do with being cheap but at the same time it means appreciating money and being thoughtful with it.
Every single penny counts

Here you find: an outstanding Family Budget Recommendation

The main reason why it is so important to choose the right family budget template is that budgeting can be quite challenging in the beginning. Many people find it frustrating to find out that it is not easy to anticipate the correct amount for all kinds of expenses. However, if the budget is tailored to your needs and provides sufficient detail, it will be easier to anticipate expenses. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend too much time customizing the family budget template, thus you need to start with one that includes most of the things you spend on and one you could fill in relatively easily. Filling in the budget template can be quite time-consuming at first, but that is the necessary cost of better spending and saving habits. If it was easy enough to do in our heads, there wouldn’t be a need for it in the first place! As it is, it is not easy to do these approximations in our heads – with everything else going on in our lives, it is be easy to lose focus. So why take on all that mental stress of planning and then retrieving information, when a computer could easily do it for you? Try to keep in mind that there is a learning curve when it comes to budgeting – within a few months you will probably feel like an expert compared to your friends who have never used such tools. When they see how much you have benefited from using a family budget, they will be begging for your advice and your family budget template!

How to Implement a Cash Envelope System


The only hard thing about implementing a cash envelope system is making sure you stick to it. With the right mindset and determination to save money, this type of system can be very lucrative. To keep you from overspending your "allowance" you can set a daily limit that you are allowed to spend. In case of a true emergency, I have a $50.00 folded into a square and tucked away deep in my pocketbook, so deep in fact, I am sure it would take me a good ten minutes to find it. That aside, I have my normal, usable cash directly where I can find it, in case I need something throughout my day. Need is the key word here. If I do not need something, that money stays right where it is and is considered a savings later. Just by keeping track of mindless spending and being more frugal, which means more thoughtful about the use of money or resources, one can build up a savings in no time.
Start saving money through a Cash Envelope System – its quick and easy!

There you are, sitting in the drive thru at Starbucks. You already placed your order and they are making your venti caramel Frappuccino. You start searching through your wallet, gathering as many coins as possible. Unfortunately, you are a dollar and three cents short. It strikes you! You don’t have enough cash to pay for your delicious drink. That venti caramel Frappuccino…  In guilt, you pull out your credit card and pay for the drink with plastic. You just added more debt into your life. All this stress could have been avoided by using cash. Specifically, all of this could’ve been avoided by implementing a cash envelope system.

Implementing a Cash Envelope System

Set the budget.

So you’ve decided that it’s time to have a money system in place. With a budget that is properly adjusted, you’re months will seem so much easier. Your days will seem much less stressful. You know how much money you have and there is no way to spend more than necessary.

Incomes vary from person-to-person. It is up to you to figure out an amount that you are comfortable spending each month. This amount will then be divided into multiple categories.

Pick the cash categories.

It’s important to budget correctly for categories such as groceries.

The different cash categories are arguably the most important part of the cash envelope system. The categories are the framework of the system. To pick your categories, sit down with a pen and paper and record a list of all the expenses you have throughout the month. Start thinking! When I was first creating my system, my categories were as follows:

  • Automobile costs
  • Childcare
  • Rent
  • Groceries (mmm food)
  • Club Fees
  • Taxes
  • Utilities
  • Savings

In the same way that income varies, the categories will be different depending on who you are and what you do. Do you really like Starbucks? You can create a separate envelope dedicated to that.

Keep in mind that mortgage payments, rent, or just about anything that you’re only going to be paying once do not need to have envelopes.

The best cash envelope system available right here

Make or buy the cash envelopes.

Budgeting with a cash envelope system is great for many reasons. It keeps you from using plastic and putting yourself more into debt. It teaches you to be more thoughtful about how you spend the cash you have. It allows you to know with a glance that your expenses are covered and just how much you have saved at any given point. This is a fantastic idea for someone at the beginning of a frugal lifestyle journey and you might find that it helps you so much and gives you so much control over your available cash that you keep doing this for life. Many people are using the cash envelope system today - some may use it like we said and some may have other ways of doing it. However you decide to use your envelopes - use them. Using them is the key to saving.
You will have your Piggie Bank full in no time by using budget cash envelopes!

The envelopes themselves are also super important. You’ll want one envelope for each category that you come up with. I’ve seen many people create their own envelopes out of office paper. Of course, you can just go online and buy the cash envelopes.

You’ll be stuck with these envelopes for a long time. You want them pretty, you want them perfect. Most of all, you want them to be functional. With making your own envelope, you are able to make it just the way you want it to be.

You can even do things like placing an index card on the front of the envelope and record all the transactions in and out of the envelope. At the beginning of the month you might put in $300, so you can record that as a transaction going in. As you spend, you record the money leaving the envelope. This way, you don’t need to constantly count how much money you have left!

Spend and adjust.

Your first month with your awesome envelopes will not be perfect. I know that mine wasn’t and nor were the experiences I’ve heard from family and friends. It takes time to get used to having limits. I highly recommend that you keep a notebook by your envelopes. You can use this as a personal journal; record the flaws and the positives of the system. What do you like most about it? What would you change?

If you felt that a certain envelope needed a bit of extra money, you should write that down. At the start of the next month, you can easily change around the cash that each envelope gets.

It is super important to enjoy your money. If a particular category feels like too much of a restriction, nothing is stopping from changing just how big that restriction is.

As the months pass, you will gradually adjust certain aspects of the system, making it your very own. One system might not work for another person, so having an individualize envelope system is crucial to making it work for you.

Benefits of Using Cash Envelopes

Spend Less Money

This is probably one of the major benefits of the cash envelope system. It is simply impossible to go over budget and it controls your mindless spending. With the system you are able to truly understand how much money you have. You realize how much money that you waste.

You don’t have to spend all the money in your envelope. In fact, you really shouldn’t. At the end of the month, you can take the remaining cash and put it into savings, investments, or grow your emergency fund.

Simplest Budgeting System

A cash envelope budget can be so easy. Most people figure out how much cash they can have for an allowance they have to get them from paycheck to paycheck. I go a step further with this and set a daily limit and have my allowance split up into envelopes that are marked with the days of the week. If I do not spend my daily allowance, I leave it in the envelope for that particular day in the following week. In that way, I have some idea of how much I am able to put into my savings envelope just from this source on a daily basis. When I add money into my "savings" envelope at the end of the week, I make sure to note where that money came from. If I have different sources of money going in, each source gets its own deposit line. In this way, you can track exactly where your money came from and you will know where your best sources for saving come from. If you save money during your weekly trip to the store, any extra should be deposited into savings with a deposit note showing it was from the weekly grocery budget.
Cash Envelope Budgeting Made Easy

The reason why the whole cash envelope thing is so popular is because of its simplicity. Anyone can understand the basic principles of the system. There are no advanced spreadsheets; your budget will not be adjusting throughout the month.

What you have is a handful of envelopes. It’s a very tactile concept. You spend an hour setting up your wallets, and it’s good for the rest of the month. It’s all about setting and forgetting.

Impossible to Go Over Budget

As I said previously, it is impossible to go over budget. Everyone will have different meanings of “going over budget”, but for me I am able to stick to how much I put into the wallet. Of course, it is very possible to add some more cash ‘magically’ to your wallet, but cheating is no fun. You are only cheating yourself.

Controls your Mindless Spending

When you look at your money inside the wallet, you realize that you do not have as much as you originally thought. Having a credit card in your hand and having a $20 bill in your hand comes with two entirely different mentalities. With the credit card you are just spending an invisible number, with cash you can see and you actually physically spend the money.

Envelope Budgeting in Conclusion

It’s a great idea and you will not regret doing it. If you follow advice given by Budget Pronto and others around the web, you should have a fairly solid system set up in a few days.

Critically think! Some things may work for you and not work for others. Create something that you enjoy, as life is meant to be enjoyed and loving.

Go ahead, start your cash envelope system. What’s holding you back?

Business Budget Template – Best Free Templates

No Longer do you need to Search at the library for books to copy a Business Budget Template.
One of the most essential basics for businesses is to know how much you and each individual employee within your workplace is spending. For the purpose to obtain a very good understanding and overview we highly recommend the use of our free business budget template which you can print out. The best free template is a template that makes it easy for you to quickly work with and will benefit your business greatly. There can be potentially endless expenses with any business and it is most important to keep track of everything going in and out. Having an outstanding overview with the use of templates is vital and will make it easy for your accountant, if you have one, to look at as well. Needless to say, make using this part of your routine and over time you will find all of the gathered information helpful to make some further decisions when it comes to your own business. In most cases, businesses have a limited budget and you may as well know precisely about your given situation.
Save money by using a Business Budget Template

It may be a mystery, so what exactly is a business budget template? The best budget templates are spreadsheets that are able to be printed and modified by multiple people in different ways. The template can be made and used in excel or other spreadsheet software such as Google Drive. A business budget template can also be a PDF or other file types. I do not recommend using anything other than a Google Drive or Excel spreadsheet, although that is just up to personal opinion. These templates can be utilized on just about any operating system such as Mac, Windows and various Linux distributions. A free excel template can be used for any level of business, whether it’s a moms-and-pops, a medium sized or a larger business.

Let me keep this simple… you NEED a business template, spreadsheet or worksheet. You are missing out on the growth and prosperity of your business if you are not using one. A template will assist you in deciding if you can grow your business. With a properly configured business budget template you can also see if you are able to give yourself or another employee a raise without affecting the business greatly. There could be extra money on the table that doesn’t need to be there but, you would not know it without a good budget template where you can see your facts and figures at a glance. Another benefit is growth. With a template, you can figure out if you’re able to comfortably purchase additional assets. And the greatest reason of all is the survival of your business. It can potentially save you from bankruptcy; don’t let your business fall into the trap of disorder, take the time to track everything with a budget and make sure you add or subtract on a daily or weekly basis.

The best business budget template available right here

Here’s one word that you or your employees never want to hear: bankrupt. By not having a business budget template configured, you are letting your business slowly cease to exist. It will be slipping into the red bit-by-bit and before you know it; you’ll be broke with no more money in your accounts. You can prevent over hiring by seeing if you’re truly able to afford more employees. You can also prevent having too much inventory and having too many assets at once. One of the main causes of failure is rapid growth that isn’t sustainable. So in short, without a business budget template, your business can become unstable and you will not make enough money to sustain it, you or your employees and the structure will fall apart. You should never want to hear the words “you are bankrupt”.

With all of this talk, where can you find a business budget template that is suitable for you and your business? I originally found mine online, it worked great and did almost exactly what I wanted it to do. However, as my businesses grew it became apparent that I needed to hire someone to customize it. So there is another option, you could hire someone to make one for you (An option you won’t regret in the future). You can also find great templates that are inexpensive by following some of the links on this site. If you are comfortable using spreadsheets, you should also considering spending some time and create one for yourself. The good thing about creating one is that, you can customize each field to your specific needs and save it. Once it is saved, if needed remotely you can have it on a cloud server so that everyone who needs access can see exactly how the business is going or add information to it at any given time. There are some great tutorials out there to create one suitable for you.

When it comes to any business budget it always a good idea to start by obtaining an overview on all of your income sources to see how much money on average you bring in on a monthly basis. Look at your fixed and variable expenses as detailed as possible and attempt to predict your future expenses accordingly. Ideally, when it comes to expenses, you would create two lists; one-time expenses and all ongoing recurring expenses that your business has. All of this will ultimately help you to establish a very solid understanding of your financial state with your business which you will take into consideration when laying out your business model and adjust your pricing. These figures then become extremely valuable information when it comes to your future expenses. Your business budget template will help you and in itself, it is a document to estimate your general income and expenses. Your goal is to create a profitable business and a proper business budget plan will ensure that you look at your business from every perspective while focusing on what is most important.
Tax time and you need the best business budget template

This is great, you now have a business budget template and you are ready to implement it into your workflow. There is only one small issue… you have no idea how to even use it correctly. The best ways to learn how to use a template is to read the instructions that came along with the file. If there is not one, you could find a video on YouTube or learn how to do it yourself or you can ask someone you know who is fluent with the program you have chosen. Once you figure out how to use a budget template, the next step is to update it periodically. This means all of your income and debits should be recorded in a timely manner. If you are very busy, you might consider doing this at the close of business every day. If you fall behind your budgets will be off. Remember to follow the template and get the entries into the correct places or your account balances will be off. To truly get ahead in any business, a good owner needs to know exactly what is going on and have a plan for growth or advancement in the market that he/she is in or even a plan for expanding into other markets that are profitable. A good business plan is only as good as the owner’s business budget template.

Once you get your monthly budget template integrated within the structure of your business, there are some best practices you can follow to use it effectively. The number one tip that I have for you is to not forget about it. This means opening it on a set schedule to remind yourself of what your business goals are and how you’re supposed to reach those future goals. Remember to use it to help aid in decision making! Not all decisions can be guess work; it would be wise to consider the numbers within your template. With that being said, you shouldn’t depend on it entirely. Bill Gates didn’t make Microsoft what it is today by following a free excel budget template. My last tip is to have someone manage it for you if it takes up too much time or your business is growing too large. I’ve had friends who’ve hired virtual accountants to help manage their finances who have had great success. You might find it necessary to hire someone locally to keep better track of your information.

In conclusion, a business budget template is something necessary that every successful business should have. You need a template because it will help you grow your business to reachable goals. You will be growing in small steps, then leaps and bounds by following carefully calculated numbers. Not having a budget template is an unnecessary risk to take, especially for something as important as a business. You can get a template online or you could even hire someone to make a customized one for you. It would take another thousand articles to truly list how much of a benefit my templates have been to me.

Budget WorkSheets: Where to get one and best practices

 Successful budgets help you to decide how to spend your money while doing your best to avoid any accumulations of debts or even debt at all. Proper budget worksheets will take all finance information into consideration and basically, all you need as far as input goes is income versus expenses. If you are a parent, college student, homeowner or retired person and need to save some money for something very specific that is coming up, you need to start by filling out a budget worksheet with your monthly income (wages and tax included). Next you would want to enter all of your expenses and if you do not precisely know where and what you are spending on a month to month basis, gather the proper information because, you will want the results to be as accurate as possible. Next you enter your expenses for your basic needs and include your rent or mortgage, your insurances, registration and parking fees or public transportation. Do not forget to include your basics such as your phone bill, utilities, gasoline and medical costs. Once you have the needs covered, move on to the wants which summed up include: clothing and jewellery, travel trips, leisure, entertainment, cinema and any memberships you may have. You also want to take a close look at your savings and debt repayment as this is one of the most important aspects of developing your budget goals through your spreadsheet. Budget worksheets are a great way to start establishing your financial overview and budgethub will help and assist you along the way.
Printed Free Budget Worksheet

A set of properly configured budget worksheets should be the main part of your personal finance management system. It is the main part of your budget. There is a vast ocean of different types of budget worksheets; but there are a select few that are the best for household and family use. Finding an average worksheet is easy; and it can take a skilled eye to find a great one. If you are skilled in many office programs you are also able to create your own budget spreadsheet if that is desirable. Whichever way you decide to go, a good budget will make your financial aspirations come true.

Budget sheets are just now becoming trendy as many people around the world are recovering from the financial crash. These budget sheets come with many different names; these include ‘worksheets’ and ‘spreadsheets’. They should not cost much money as there are literally thousands of reiterations available on the internet, some of which are free. By reading up on spreadsheets, you should also be able to create your own personalized budget sheet in a matter of hours.

Here are the best available budget worksheets 

Like previously stated, there are many different kinds of budget sheets available. In all of these types, there are a few things that you should keep your eyes peeled for. This list includes mobile compatibility, customization, simplicity, and collaboration readiness.

  • Mobile compatible – In this day and age you ideally want your budget worksheets to be compatible with the latest smartphone technology. By now, you most likely have a computer in your pocket that follows you everywhere. Make use of it and make sure your worksheet for your budget is set up to be compatible with your mobile device.
  • Customization – A lot of the older budget spreadsheets were static in nature. This was before many people knew how to use a computer, so the spreadsheets were unable to be edited correctly. Now, however, just about any financial worksheet that you download will be able to be edited. These can be edited in any spreadsheet software or PDF editor.
  • Simplicity – Another gigantic thing to search for in a budgeting spreadsheet is the simplicity. If it hurts your head just thinking about it, the worksheet is probably not the right decision. You’re going to be spending many days with the budget planner that you pick; so it would be in your best interest to make it a good one.
  • Collaboration capability – If there are going to be multiple people using the same budgeting worksheet with the same information loaded in; you will need to find one that is ready to be collaborated on with a number of trustworthy people. The number one option is to use Google Sheets to create and share a budgeting worksheet with your family.


Finding a free budget worksheet in today's world has never been easier. What is not so easy for most people is sticking to their financial guns regarding the goals they are setting through their budget worksheet once it has all been filled out. Ideally, a person would be able to find a budgeting spreadsheet or budgeting worksheet (however you want to call it, I use both words frequently as they are interchangeable) that you can download to your computer but still have access to from your smartphone to record on the go transactions in real time with a flick of the thumb and tick of the index finger. There are thousands of budget worksheets that you can download and print out to work with manually but, to me that is old school and probably not the most effecient use of time and resources. To save yourself time, energy, paper and ink, think digitally and look for a free budget spreadsheet that you can use with your cloud server.
Take Control Of Your Finances With Budget Worksheets

With all this talk about them, where can you find budgeting worksheets? You could contact someone to have one made just for your needs. If that is asking too much, you could explore BudgetHub a bit and check out some of the downloadable content that we link to or have to offer. Another common way is to ask one of your friends. You may not know it, but a very close friend or family member could just so be a budgeting enthusiast or a whiz on a variety of office or business computer programs. The last and most likely most common way is to simply search “free budget worksheets” online. Check the images, you should be able to find a fantastic printable worksheet or budget spreadsheet that you can work with either in paper form or one that works with your current computer set up.

If you get into the habit of using your budgeting worksheet frequently, it can help you to simplify your life. To start with, a budgeting worksheet or spreadsheet, will assist you in determining your goals in the first place. By having a place to record your financial information; you’ll be able to sit back and think about a financial goal that you might have. Once you have one set up and configured, it will help you stay on track. So many of us have a problem with being lazy or procrastination and a sheet could just be a remedy to that problem. You will also hold the ability to easily visualize your financial information. Many people fall into the life of just swiping a piece of plastic and getting in debt. With this, you could fix your problem. I myself have my debit and credit card send me notifications every time it is used, also whenever an online payment runs through my account (example is telephone/internet or the gas bill) I will also be notified. I like to sit down at the end of my day and spend about 10 minutes to make sure that all transaction notifications, both incoming and outgoing, are noted in my family budget worksheets.

As with anything, there are best practices that you should follow when you start using your budgeting sheet. Our number one, easy to do, recommendation is for you to make the transfer and start using cash for your personal allowance and grocery shopping. It feels a lot different handing over $20 than it does to scan a card and have a $20 (plus fees) debt appear in an account. I use cash for everything but my mortgage, utilities and any online shopping I may be doing. I typically do all of the running around, shopping for groceries and any housewares that are needed. Should any stray bills come in I take those and pay them in cash locally making sure to get a receipt which I then staple onto the bill where I note, the date received, date paid and my initials. That then goes into a file for tax time when I get home.

Another tip that we have is for you to start taking photos of your receipts that are non essential. This means if you were out and purchased a candy bar or something small where you don’t need to keep the receipt after the photo is taken. Almost every single phone has a camera on it, taking a picture will help you remember to update your budget sheet. Once the photo receipt has been documented you can delete the photo. One other thing that you can start doing is schedule reminders. On an Android phone, you are able to schedule a reminder by a voice command. It couldn’t be easier. Our last piece of advice is two words: “peer pressure”. Tell your friends and family about your financial goals. Having others know about what you’re trying to achieve can be a positive thing as, they can help you make sure you keep on track and cheer you on when you are nearing your goals.