Free Monthly Budget Template

Free Monthly Budget Template

For individuals with families this means setting up a household budget. This is basically a set amount that you or your family is willing to spend on essential and then latterly non-essential items. It is not too different from setting up finance budgets for a company. The difference being that instead of sales counting as your revenue, your wage takes its place. Although these may sound complicated to create; family budgets are easy to do. In fact, a simple search on Google will wield a lot of results that provide you with a template to fill in. All you have to do is populate the fields with the numbers that leave you with a surplus that you are happy to save each month. Before you set up your household budget it is worthwhile to sit down with other spenders of the budget in your family. This will usually be your spouse but increasingly adult children are forming part of this discussion as they save up for a place of their own.
There are many free budget templates that can be found online.

Generally, a budget is divided into months. A month is a perfect amount of time to create a budget for because, 30 days is a length of time that is easy to plan over. January to February, March to April, building a monthly budget is simple. However, there is a much better way to create a budget than just writing down a few notes. We recommend a monthly budget template to all of our visitors. Once you learn the works, a budget template can easily become habitual and part of your daily life.


There are plenty of free options when it comes to budget templates. Of course, you can always use Dave Ramsey’s budget worksheet, but that is not always the best one to choose. Depending on what kind of devices and access you have, one template will be superior to the other. It all comes down to your preferences, but we can help find what is best for you. A monthly budget template can be highly beneficial when used correctly.

Google Docs based monthly budget template is what I personally use most often. I have several reasons for using Google Docs, let me explain. First and most importantly, Google Docs is cloud based. This is significant to me because I have the ability to access it whenever and wherever I am in the world. I can type in a receipt in America, fly to Europe, and still continue working with the same monthly template as before.

To find a monthly budget template for Google Docs, you can just explore Google. That’s right, Google is best for finding its own products. Just run a quick search and you’ll come up will thousands of pages of results. Look through a few of them, sorting out the ones that would best fit your lifestyle. From there you can further narrow down your list of Google Docs to find the best monthly free budget template for you.

Living cheaply is not something many people aspire to when they are young. However, with age comes wisdom, and many people change their spending habits in order to either reflect their current personal financial situation or to try and achieve a goal such as financial freedom much earlier in life. Discuss your savings goals together, look at what has potential to throw an unexpected bill at you (things like your vehicle, your boiler and child expenses need to be considered here) and then set aside an amount you are all focused on achieving as a monthly savings amount. This way when either you or your spouse (or potentially your child) is out spending money from your shared budget, you are all on the same page with what you are trying to achieve. It will prevent any of you making emotional purchasing decision and will help to stay disciplined with your personal financial management.
Keep any daily receipts and record them in your budget when you get home!

Speaking of free, you can find free downloads for monthly budget templates online. It couldn’t be easier. As said before, just search for one and you will find it. Later, we will be posting an article showing some of our templates, exclusive to BudgetHub. These also act as a month-to-month planner, a great way to manage your finances is by using a planner.

Another great option is to do-it-yourself. Go DIY, and you’ll never look back. When I started making my own budget templates, I thought it was too much work. After adapting to it a bit, I found it super beneficial to do it myself. A full range of customization is one of the main reasons why I prefer to make my own. If one month I need to create a different category and adjust all the other categories, I can easily do that with a few presses of a few keys. Both Excel and Google Docs make for great places to make your budget template.

These templates that I make myself are generally in an Excel file or on Google Docs as stated before. I personally find Excel to be much more powerful and in-depth. For most people though, Google Docs will do the trick. It’s free, powerful, and cloud based. Meaning you’ll be able to have the same spreadsheet on all your devices at the same time. Pretty awesome, huh?

As a recap, your monthly budget should be one of your top priorities. With a strong system in place, it can potentially eliminate stress from your days. You should never have to remember numbers, just record them on something like a monthly budget template. If it’s on Excel, Google Docs, or Mac, it really does not matter. All you need to do is create one now, and you’ll be happy. Adjust as you go along and in no time, you’ll have a fully functional cash management system.

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