Online and Printable Budget Planner

Due to a phenomenon known as compound interest, once dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world” by Einstein, it is the effect of repeatedly receiving interest and reinvesting that interest over time to gradually increase the effective rate of return over time. Hence why, in our example, the 18-year-old saver will end up with more money at age 55 because he/she has allowed more time to accrue for compound interest to take effect. Sometimes the difference can be literally hundreds of thousands of dollars or pounds. This is a big reason why finance classes need to take priority in schools across the globe, so students can understand the importance of saving early. In conclusion, the earlier you sit down and figure out your personal financial management and how much you can afford to save each month, the quicker you attain your goal of complete financial freedom.
Find the best way to implement a budget into your life now and thank yourself later.

Chances are you came here looking for free printable budget planner. Whether it is an online or physical printable worksheet, we have you covered. All the worksheets we will be going over in this article are currently free. Now that’s a bargain!

A Proper Budget Can Save Your Life!

Types of Budget Worksheets

Over the past few years, the online budgeting market has been growing exponentially. With more people gaining access to the internet it only makes sense that online reading is the new “print”. It’s generally easier to use because all you have to do is select something to change it. No longer do you need to grab your eraser or a bottle of white out.

There are many different types of free online budget worksheets. These range from tons of different file types to being browser based. There are some sites where you can make an account and track your finances online. The most popular type currently is Excel based.

A great Excel budgeting worksheet has various qualities that makes it so ‘great’. The ability to edit it with ease is one of these properties. Another would be the fact that sharing is easy. Just drag and drop your Excel file into a sharing program and now your friends can have access to the same thing that you use to budget your finances.

If you worry about losing your saved file; Instead of using Excel, you can use a more cloud based solution. We strongly recommended that you take a look into Google Drive. There is a very slim (almost nonexistent) chance of you losing your saved file, as compared to Excel. There are only a few ways to lose your Google Drive spreadsheet document and none of the ways are very realistic.

In conclusion, it would be in your best interest to look into an Excel based free budget worksheet or a Google Drive spreadsheet worksheet. Both are equally as powerful at saving you time and hard earned money.

Let’s talk about PDFs. These types of files are generally meant to be printed out. There is nothing wrong with having a paper based budgeting system. When something is physical, it can make a lot more sense. Just as tons of people prefer reading paper books over eBooks, tons of people also prefer writing with pen and paper over typing with a keyboard and fingers. With a few simple Google searches you should be able to find a satisfactory printable household PDF. It may take a few tries to find the right one, but when you do, you’ll know it.

Budget everything from groceries to entertainment.

It does not matter where you track your budget, it just matters that you budget. Ideally, you should have everything you spend money on written down and covered somewhere in your budget. Using a budget should allow you to put away money for those times when you have an emergency i.e., car repairs, broken washing machine, new water heater or anything else that would normally set you back. Budgeting for these instances can save you lots of headaches and financial hard times.

How to Use a Budget Worksheet

The most important thing is that your budget is realistic. It should not be a figure that is such a struggle to achieve that you almost stop living a normal life to get there. It should also be flexible enough to cover one-time expenses that pop up out of the blue. There is no point having a budgeting goal that you keep missing because you have to pay for your car to be fixed one month, have to pay for a plumbing emergency the next month and so on. It has to be an amount of money that you can happily say goodbye to every month without thinking about whether you can afford to live after it’s gone. What is just as important is how much you save early on, due to the principle known as the “time value of money”. Someone who starts saving at the tender age of 18 and stops at 30 will have a saving pot that dwarfs someone that starts saving at 30 and doesn’t stop until 55.
Budget, budget, budget!!! Keeping track to the last penny can save you a fortune!

To properly use a budget worksheet to its fullest extent you must pick the one that is best for you. Sit down for a few minutes and think about your needs. How many sources of income do you have in your household? What are you budgeting for? What is the end goal? You must take all of these into account when you are deciding what type of free budget worksheet is best for you. When you have a full list of your needs, follow the steps above to finding the right medium to fit what you need.

The next step is to download, save, or print. This step is fairly obvious. How else are you supposed to modify it for your budget? Depending on what type you selected this step will change. If it is an online file you will need to download or save it. If it is a PDF or a worksheet image that is meant to be printed out, the obvious step to take is to print it out. You can either print it yourself or go to a printing shop to have them do it for you.

Look over the worksheet. You need to fully understand it before you even place your pencil or pen down on the paper (or type). Check out all the categories on the worksheet and how much room you have to spread your finances out over. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up erasing and redoing a lot. So once you have looked over the worksheet, you may begin using it. Voila!

Don’t be afraid to change around your system. It is always optimal to optimize and save more time and money. Use the budgeting worksheet for several days, weeks or months. At this time it would be smart of you to reassess. Does the worksheet fit your needs and your finances? Do you need more? Do you need less? All of these would be valid reasons to change your worksheet. There is absolutely no shame into going from digital to paper or vice-versa. You should enjoy doing your worksheet; it should not be a chore.

So change it or keep it! When you’ve done all of this, you are most likely going to improve the quality of your life. Whether you are low income or high income, a proper budget can benefit you and your family in many ways. It could be the difference between bologna and caviar.

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