5 Places in the United States to Visit on a Budget

Yes, it’s possible. You can visit every single one of these locations for a little more money than the average paycheck. While you plan your vacation on a budget, remember to make the plan about a frugal lifestyle vacation. Live life and go on an adventure. Explore the United States. Start with this list of my top 5 picks of places you can visit on a budget. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is not only the capital of Utah, it is also Utah's biggest city. Salt Lake City is bordered by the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. The city is known for its world class skiing and powdery snow. Besides having some of the most wonderful slopes, Salt Lake’s walkable streets offer much vibrant nightlife, great food and welcoming locals. So if you like visiting historic places, hiking in the outdoors or simply touring any of Salt Lake's numerous museums, this city has plenty to offer a frugal vacationer on a budget. You can get to many of the cities best sights without having to pay for parking or cabs by using the TRAX light rail in the downtown SLC free fare zone. There are many free things to do in Salt Lake City as well as many more budget friendly activities in the area. Examples are to take a tour of Temple Square. The site was selected by Mormon settlers and construction took 40 years to complete. It is the focal point of Salt Lake’s street system and visitors come here to see the beautiful tulip gardens.
Discover the “Crossroads of the West” in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah!

The city is in a mountain valley within the Wasatch Mountains at both the North and East sides of the valley. The Mountain Time Zone is what time zone Utah is in and the state uses Daylight Savings Time. It is not rare for Salt Lake City to be referred to as the best travel and business location in the United States. With its beautiful views of the mountains, fantastic architechture and rich history there are many free things to see and do and many more that will not cost a family much. There are many RV parks and campgrounds in the area. Known as the “Crossroads of the West” it holds a great part of American history and should not be missed.  The best part is that you’re able to visit Salt Lake on a budget.

Jacksonville, Florida

Of the many places I have visited, I loved Jacksonville, Florida the most. There are so many places to go and interesting things to see in the area that it is hard to say what I loved there the most. Something I have done for years was to keep an eye out for frugal family fun. My most wonderful memories come seem to come from places we visited or things that we have done that were either free or did not cost much at all. Some mentionable things in this area that a family on a budget will appreciate are: The Jacksonville Fishing Pier - this wonderful pier juts out into the ocean for an entire mile and while it is not a free attraction it is within anyone's budget as pedestrians pay $1, kids under 6 can fish for free and other anglers pay only $4 per person. The Tree Hill Nature Center is a fantastic place to spend the day walking trails, looking at animals, flowers, butterflies and much more - it will cost $4 for adults, $3 for students or seniors and $2 for young children, bring a picnic lunch and some drinks and your day is planned.
Take a look at Jacksonville, Florida for a fantastic vacation on a budget!

Jacksonville is one of the larger cities in Florida. It is located where the St. John’s River hits the Atlantic Ocean. There are many nationwide events that occur in Jacksonville each year, making it one of the best cities to travel to for golf courses, beaches, and other fun activities.  Whether you are looking forward to the blue skies, the fresh ocean air or a stroll along one of it’s artsy historic districts, Jacksonville has something to offer every frugal traveller but, we should also mention that southern rock was created there. Jacksonville, Florida would be an absolutely fantastic place to visit when you’re living a frugal lifestyle.

Visit Washington DC on a budget??

I absolutely loved Washington DC. I shared a hotel room with a work collegue and the two of us were all over that city. The Smithsonian Museums are all free and it literally would take days to see them all. You can take free walking tours (you can pay if you feel like it however much you want) you can watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, you can walk the historic district where the streets are made of cobblestone and the houses are all colorful. If you go there in the Spring you will be able to walk the streets with the smell of Cherry Blossoms filling the air - make sure to check for The Tidal Basin Cherry Blossom Festival as there is always free fireworks displays and free music to be heard. Not only is this the Nation's Capital but it is full of frugal fun for the entire family.
Washington DC is beautiful by day or night!

A bit ago I traveled to Washington DC and it was an incredible experience to say the least. For less than $2000, I was toured around the city, had a nice hotel room, meals, and seminars as well as a ‘mock congressional’ activity for an entire week. If you are able to join a group that goes on vacations together, they will most likely go to Washington DC frequently. With so many historic sites to see you will always remember your time in the Nation’s Capitol. Needless to say, if you can see all of The Smithsonian Museums in a few days, it is time well spent as they are fantastic and just the size of all the buildings is awe inspiring.

Orlando, Florida

If you are looking to save money and take a vacation on a budget, one of the most wonderful places in the US for this is Orlando Florida. There are so many free or nearly free activities in this area to keep you busy on your frugal lifestyle vacation. Make sure to make a calendar detailing all of the free musical festival dates so you can enjoy the fresh air and be entertained. Your vacation on a budget will be a hit with the whole family if you, shop around, or even re-negotiate with your current travel agency. You can go one step further with this by looking for what are known as “vacation packages” that are all inclusive. For instance, when shopping for deals you can often make large savings by tying them up all together. For many reasons, orlando, florida is a great choice and definitely worth to consider as a valuable option taken as the frugal lifestyle vacation idea. You and your budget may be able to secure large discounts by putting your flight, hotel, Disney tickets and car rental all through one company. Larger chain hotels and car rental companies will often give you a certain percentage off their price for having a multi-service contract with them. As far as inexpensive places go, I've seen accomodations online for as low as just $29 dollars per evening per person. Travelling cheap is a good and smart way to save money while gaining quality experiences and building memories.
The Magical Experiences In Orlando, Florida As A Frugal Lifestyle Vacation

Orlando is a city in central Florida. It has a population of about a quarter million a few years back.  Every year there are fantastic vacation deals to be found for Orlando. Take your family on a Disney vacation and visit Orlando. You will have to do your homework on this vacation to find the best prices for the Disney Park but, it can be done frugally. There are many out of the way places for lodging and here it might be a good idea to look for an AirB&B so you can cook to save on some expenses. While it may not be the cheapest place to visit, you can still take a frugal lifestyle on vacation and it will be money well spent. Orlando is one of the most magical cities for budgeting travelers and should not be missed.

Chicago, Illinois

Sometimes there are places which offer different services but you can still bundle them. It is not unusual for the big brand named businesses to offer TV, broadband and phone lines all together in one package as they are all delivered the same way, either via cable or satellite. Chicago is a greate destination for frugal travel. Overall, it pays to keep on top of your household bills by staying organized with your contracts for household goods and services. Saving money is not as hard as you may think when you make a note of all of the contract outgoings and when they are due to expire. You’ll be glad at the end of the year when you see how many hundreds of dollars or pounds you have saved by following this very simple method and Chicago will help you to save a little money along the road.
Windy Or Not, Chicago Remains A Prime Frugal Destination

Chicago is a city in the great state of Illinois. If you are an architectural student or love architecture, then you will know that Chicago is a city known for its strong architecture and skyline. The city is also known for its stunning arrangement of museums and places to visit.  No matter where you visit – remember to research the area for budget friendly deals on entertainment, meals, accomodations and any tickets you might need.  If possible beforehand, chat with locals online about where to shop for the best prices, where to find the best (and cheapest) tickets for any events that might be happening in the area and which restaurants the locals go to for their frugal lifestyle. Locals in any city are aware of these things because, like you, they want to save money.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

For the experienced frugal minded traveller, Fort Lauderdale, Florida has many activities to offer that will not break the bank. If you are into fun in the sun or relaxing at the beach or a hotel pool, this is definitely one place you cannot afford to miss. There is always some sort of free activity happening on the streets and near the beach. You should always keep your budget in mind when travelling and behave as the locals do. Local people know where to shop, eat, drink and how to go about getting the best prices on things that are for sale in their town. It is always good to find a local person who will give you valuable information so that you wind up paying the local prices and not the tourist price!
Sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida has much to offer in the way of budget friendly entertainment!

Next on my list is Fort Lauderdale. This is the location that I hope to retire to one day. The stunning coast and miles of canals are very appealing for older aged people. If you are a boating enthusiast or want to eventually buy a boat; Fort Lauderdale is the place to be. There is great weather all year long and it features upscale restaurants, luxury boutiques and hotels. Similar to Chicago, Fort Lauderdale has some of the most interesting museums you could ever ask for. If you do your research and budget right, you’ll be able to visit Fort Lauderdale and enjoy a frugal vacation.

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