Frugal Living Tips to Save Money

Learning how to live frugally is all about learning how to eliminate waste from your life and make the most of what you have. It is partly about getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to get more out of life, to utilize all your resources better and more efficiently. Like any good thing, it doesn’t come easy. You might find the process challenging, slow or frustrating at times. Just remember what you wanted to achieve when you started and try to have a positive attitude. You are already improving yourself every step of the way and that is what counts.

So let us get started with the specifics of how to live frugally. Food, housing, and clothing are the primary expenses of most households and therefore they are the centre of most ‘how to save money’ tips.

How to live frugally in todays worls does not have to be difficult. The biggest savings can come from where you are living. If you move to a smaller house or apartment in an area outside of the nearest city, your rent or mortgage will drop to less than half of what you are probably paying now. As an example of this, we were living in a huge apartment when we first moved to the city and were paying $1,000.00 every month just in rent. On top of that we had to pay for trash, water, electricity, gas, telephone, internet and cable t.v. This was fine at first, we could afford it but, we did not have as much money as we would have liked at the end of every month and it became a constant reminder that, if something were to happen to our income, we would have very little time before we ran into problems paying our monthly bills. We decided to look outside of the city for a smaller place that we could buy. One month later we bought our first apartment, seven miles from the city. We haggled on the price,and saved $30,000.00 on the purchase price along with, having the owner leave some of the furnishings in the house which was a win/win for both the sellers and my family. We found a local moving company that had time free on a weekend and also there, we haggled on the price and paid less as we did all of the packing ourselves and we moved many of the boxes and all of our electronic equipment in our own vehicle. Once we were in our new place, we needed to find the best deals on utilities, phone, internet and cable. We spent one entire day going through all of the utility and telephone companies in the area and found not only the best price but, also got a cash bonus for the sign up. I cannot stress the importance in comparing prices and services for these types of household expenses.
How To Live Frugally – Made Easy

Living a Frugal Lifestyle

There is a good reason for this. These expenses collectively account for a large chunk of our budgets, and at the same time, they are easier to influence than some other expenses like insurance, health and similar. Food in particular is one area where it is relatively easy to introduce changes and save a considerable amount of money. The best way how to start saving money with food is to absolutely eliminate any and all waste of the food you buy. In addition, you can adopt certain habits to help you save even more, such as buying in bulk, buying online, buying certain cheap and healthy ingredients, doing a grocery price comparison to save money on groceries, growing some of your food and picking some of your food for free. That’s how to live cheap and still be able to create a healthy grocery shopping list! If you put all of these strategies at work at the same time, then you could easily lower your food expenses by half and still enjoy healthy ingredients and diverse meals.

Regarding housing and housing expenses, there is no easy way how to start saving money. If you need to considerably lower you expenses, then changing your housing situation can definitely do the trick. However, it is not as easy as good planning or doing more of your shopping online, as in the case of food and clothing. No, lowering your housing expenses significantly can only be done in one of two ways (both of which are relatively inconvenient): either you get a roommate or you move to a cheaper place. It’s a good idea to look into both possibilities and see which one suits you more financially.

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