The Best Savings Plan Ever and How To Find One

The Best Savings Plan Ever and How To Find One

In order to have a proper budget, one must initiate a saving plan into their lives. To utilize one of these saving plans correctly, it is crucial to find the right one to suit your needs. There are multiple sources of these saving plans and our goal today is to bring them all together. We’ll go over what to look for in a plan, the sources of a plan, and how to properly use one. Let’s begin.

What to Look For In a Savings Plan

Many people today are one or two paychecks from financial hardship. We are all pretty much in the same boat and unless we start saving our money this boat is going to eventually sink. Building up a Savings Plan is easy once you have the right plan for your needs. Initially, you should pay down all debts from loans and credit cards while still putting all extra money aside. Once you have a nest egg, you can decide where to put it so that it works for you. One of easiest ways achieve financial freedom at a much earlier stage in life than retirement age is to accumulate as much savings as possible in the earlier stages of life. What this means in reality is living frugally now in order to achieve freedom much quicker than the average lay person who doesn’t have a financial education. One way to make sure you are able to save money at a faster rate than you have previously is to cut your expenses. This is actually very easy to do with food and other essential groceries. But what takes more skill, discipline and determination is to save every extra penny that you have as part of a savings plan.
Start a Savings Plan! Once you begin frugal living, invest your saved cash and let it work for you!

To start exploring what we should look for in a plan, it would be wise to first go over the definition of a “savings plan”. A savings plan is an investment where a person will contribute a certain amount of money on a reoccurring basis to reach a financial goal. This can be done on either a long term or a short term basis; it’s really up to the individual. Usually, in order to open such a plan, it would have to be done with a set amount of money which could be as little as $100.00 depending upon where you find your investment.

There are two major things that you should be looking for. Is the plan flexible and is it simple? Flexibility and simplicity are the two main factors that differentiate between a bad plan and a fantastic one. If the plan is flexible, it will be easy to add your own categories and goals to it. A plan is simple if it can be understood with just a basic rundown of it.

Where to Find a Savings Plan

These savings plans are a great personal finance tool that will help you achieve your financial freedom goals much quicker. It is sometimes best to think of them as a self-imposed tax on your earnings that you will never see until you decide you have enough money in the bank to stop your frugal living lifestyle. Often the best way to attain your targets is to take a set amount each month from your pay check. For some people this will be 10% for others who are willing to make more extreme sacrifices this will be closer to 40%. No matter where you start, the important thing is to do just that, start saving money. No one wants to be living paycheck to paycheck. Ideally, there would be only a steady stream of money coming in but in life, that is not the case. First figure out how to manage your money, pay down debt and put money aside and during that time you will have to investigate your options on savings plans or retirement plans. Whatever you do, whichever way you decide is best to go, don't stop putting a percentage of your income into one of these things, make sure you pay into them every month.
Cutting expenses, looking for sales and living frugally will help you set aside cash to be used in your savings plan. The sooner you start, the more you will thank yourself later!

You can find a savings plan just about anywhere online, all you have to do is one simple search. You can even find a plan right here at BudgetHub. If you explore the site a bit or use the search functionality, you will most definitely come across many articles discussing how to budget your finances. No matter where you ind your plan, make sure that suits your needs and stick with it! You’ll be thanking yourself years down the line that you decided to use a proper savings plan.

A Savings Plan can help you prepare for retirement!

There are several types of plans. There are 52 week plans, which is personally our favorite. Using a simple calculator or formula, you can make a 52 week savings plan online with only a few clicks of your mouse and a few ticks of the keyboard. There are also thrifty ones. If you like being thrifty, there are plenty on the internet for you to utilize. Heck! There are even savings plans for children. Basically, no matter what you are looking for in your plan, you will most likely discover it.


Now this is where it gets tricky. Just kidding! There is nothing tricky about it if you found a one that was simple to use. Usually a plan comes along with a full set of instructions. Read through these to learn how to use one. The worst mistake that you can make is not using the plan for its intended purpose and messing up all your finances. Just like you should use the correct tool for the job, you should always use the right savings plan for the money. Speaking of money: you’ll be saving tons of it!


So in conclusion, you should be looking for a savings plan that is simple and flexible. It should be easy to use and easy to change up. You can find good solutions right here or by simply using Google (or your favorite search engine). Using a plan is also very easy, just follow the instructions. It’s as easy as pie, as easy as baking a cake and you’ll end up saving cash by doing it.

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